Rainbow DLC's Philosophy

Our Vision

Creating confident children in a learning community.

Our Mission

To encourage children to pursue learning together in an engaging and nurturing environment supported by dedicated and caring staff.

At Rainbow we believe that children are confident, competent and resourceful learners who are capable of constructing their own knowledge of the world around them. We aim to build relationships that support children to:

  • Feel a sense of belonging and wellbeing
  • See themselves as constructive contributors to the community
  • See themselves as valued, unique and powerful
  • Respect and care for each other and the environment

Developmental Learning Centre Rainbow aims to provide high quality care and education for young children and their families. We believe that play is a vital area of growth for each individual child and so here at Rainbow our children are guided to become active learners. Play is an essential aspect of learning for young children and therefore planning for play experiences is the central component in developing a creative curriculum that is balanced and integrates all areas of a child’s interests and growth.

As Educators of Rainbow, we work in a collaborative way sharing our knowledge and expertise. We play and work with children to discover, explore, provide opportunities for learning and engage in active research alongside the children. We acknowledge that learning is a life-long process and we are committed to ongoing professional training.

By observing, listening and seeking knowledge we question and suggest new possibilities to the children and encourage them to search and explore the meaning in their lives. Meaningful documentation that is recorded leads us to new possibilities and a future full of ideas, experiences and learning.

Our programs within our service reflect on The Reggio Emilia approach and Emergent Curriculum which follows the Early Years Learning Framework. On top of the National Framework we have embraced our own unique approach based on the collective knowledge from our professional educators. Rainbow incorporates the three core EYLF principles:

  • Belonging – To my family, friends and community
  • Being – Learning through play
  • Becoming – A valued member of society/ All that I can be

Rainbow recognises the importance of communication, and collaboration between families and Educators, and work to form positive relationships. Through collaboration and reflective practices, we are open for every possible improvement that will benefit children, families and educators within our service. The Centre supports families in their parenting role and shares with them information of benefit to their child's growth.

Rainbow encourages and welcomes families to be active participants in the life of the Centre, through sharing cultures, ideas, knowledge, strengths and differences. We strive to create a supportive and strong partnership with families. We set out to create a balance of indoor and outdoor environment that is natural, inviting and rich in possibilities, one that reflects the local community, staff and the families whom use the service.