My World at Rainbow - What Our Childen Say

I like Dog's class at Rainbow
We can see hot air balloons early mornings
Our music teacher Inna
Lilia, our dance teacher
Yoga with our teacher Amber

When I’m at Rainbow that’s when I’m happiest. I love coming to "Rainbow". I wish I could come every day!
When I arrive in the morning I’m greeted by my teacher, she greets with a big hello and makes sure to ask me how I’m feeling. I like to see my mummy and daddy talk to my teacher too, it makes me feel more comfortable in my classroom, knowing that my parents have a strong parent-teacher relationship.
Every morning my parents tell my teachers everything I’ve been up to at home and at the end of each day my teacher takes the time to share with my parents what my day was like at Rainbow. This is especially helpful when I’ve been a bit feeling sad or sick because my teacher makes an extra special effort in making sure I’m feeling better throughout the day. Sometimes mummy and daddy have to drop me off when my teacher isn’t in the room, but that’s okay because my classroom has a special ‘communications’ book which allows my parents to write notes whenever they need too. It's also okay when my parents have to pick me up quickly and don’t have time for many discussions, because every evening, my teacher creates a “Daily Diary” and writes about everything we have done that day, my teacher also asks questions and writes notices such as: “Recently the children have been exploring all types of music, we’d love for families to share any cultural music they listen to at home” Our daily diary also includes lots of pictures as well, when I see that I am in them it makes me feel important and I gain a strong sense of belonging.

When I arrive in my classroom I am always greeted by all of my friends too, I love to socialise and talk to other children. My teacher is always encouraging us to socialise by providing special play areas in our room, like our wonderful dramatic play areas. My teacher also lets us have plenty of unstructured play time so we can socialise together. Sometimes when I’m feeling shy, my teacher helps me make friends by inviting me into group conversations and asking open-ended questions.

I really love spending time with my teachers, every day I’m greeted by the same educator who I spend most of the day with, but on occasion, other teachers spend some time in my classroom too. I have formed a great friendship with all my educators because I see them every day, they know me well, they know what makes my happy and what makes me upset, they know the best ways to comfort and they make me feel safe. I really, really love how my educators value my opinions even though I’m only a child, If I’m really interested in a topic my educators provide all sorts of resources to explore my interests and support learning abilities.

My classroom is aesthetically appealing, its open and filled with intriguing activities indoor and out. particularly like “All of the toys”, “Music class” “the Story Corner” “The family tree”. I feel safe at Rainbow because my teacher always makes sure my classroom is a safe and secure learning environment. My educator always places locks on cupboards containing chemicals and makes sure all broken items are kept away from me so that I don’t get sick or hurt. Although I can’t always read the signs around my room, I am made well aware of what they mean because my educator often reminds me. I also know what to do if there’s an emergency because we practice evacuation plans regularly. I am not scared because I trust my educator and I am made aware of what to do.

My educators are always telling me I can help keep my classroom safe and hygienic too, we always practice proper ‘self-hygiene’ to keep germs away. My educators encourage me to be hygienic by their positive modelled behaviours. My educators remind themselves of all the ways to keep Rainbow safe and hygienic by filling out checklists and forms.

Rainbow makes me LOVE learning! Our educators are always coming up with initiative ways in order to support and document every child’s learning abilities and progress. Our educators have learned so much about learning theories and approaches and put all this knowledge to use when they do planning and programming. Our educators always support our learning of milestones by providing educational lessons and activities that correspond with the Early Years Learning Framework. I love how my educators provide so many learning experiences that are fun and engaging and what’s even better is my educators are always playing and engaging with us too and their scaffolding assists my learning more than I could have imagined.

I love Rainbow and all my friends do too, Rainbow is such a fun and welcoming learning environment and what’s best is that even though we are all friends, Rainbow understands and values us as individuals too, making sure to create an accommodating learning environment that facilitates the learning of all children.

Inna, our music teacher
Rainbow garden
I like playing with Roger
My friends and I at Rainbow
Yariv and our Dogs' Program
Our Chess class