Rainbow DLC's Facilities

Purposely designed top quality premises for kids

Our child care centres are located in a quiet area, away from traffic noise and fumes just within few minutes of driving from McKinnon, Moorabbin, Oakleigh or Cheltenham.


Our brand new building has been specifically constructed as a child care centre to the latest child safety standard and requirements. Video surveillance and emergency systems are installed in all rooms.
A lift allows parents using prams to access child care areas directly from our basement car park.


Security cameras are installed throughout the building. Administrator is monitoring the premises.


We do not like the idea of children sleeping on mattresses on the floor.
We purchased indoor/outdoor travel beds from KinderKot that provide comfort and safety.
All babies are provided with baby cots.

Toilet Facilities

Equipped with quality appliances of kids size, every toilet room has curved mirrors so that staff would never lose control on children.


Daily cleaning of all the interior including windows, doors and lift is arranged with certified cleaning company.


All the furniture is made of wood. Every child has dedicated chair and table. Modern vinyl flooring is used throughout the building. We provide toys and educational tools for every child.

Outdoor Play Areas

We have 3 playgrounds protected from elements. Video surveillance and emergency systems are installed in outdoor play areas.
All outdoor play areas are coated with a soft resin surface to avoid the risk of injury from falls.
We purchased brand new playground equipment that kids love. Plenty of space to play many games.