Caring about your child


All the childcare staff we employ are suitably qualified, have good industry experience and they love children.

One of the criteria we use when offering a job is fluency in at least 1 language other than English. Our staff speaks Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Russian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Hebrew and other languages.

Your kids will never be hungry

We consider proper nutrition to be one of the key factors to child development.

We provide 5 meals through a varied menu developed by child nutritionists.
Parents are provided with a choice of meals that will be served to your children.
All cooking is done on the premises out of healthy products and based on recipes recommended by leading Australian dietitians.
Children with allergies or food intolerance have an individual menu designed to cater for their needs.
By providing healthy and nutritious meals, we encourage each child to develop eating behaviours and healthy meal choices that will continue throughout his or her life.

The Holistic Approach

Our programs are based on the developmental needs, nterests and experiences of each child and sensitive to the individual differences of those children. We implement the holistic approach to learning.

Our learning curriculum includes teaching via music, arts and movement which stimulate both sides of the brain. Children learn by doing, using their bodies actively and by using their senses.

In our centre children have the space and chance to run, skip, gallop, walk, balance, hop, jump and step to exercise and practice controlling their large body muscles.